Being specific

Consider these questions: Are there any questions? Is there anything I can do to help you? Those are bad unspecific questions that often lead to no questions being asked and no help needed. Yet, presenters ask that question all the time at the end of their presentations. A great tactic – is to be specific…. Continue reading


Not a good idea to label a business as a one-stop-solution for customers. So you sell clothing. Electric cables too. What? You even sell cereals and eggs. You’re a one-stop-solution supermarket store! And still it doesn’t satisfy the people looking for luxury designer bags and the in-store experience of buying one. You are not a… Continue reading

Selling on social media

I’ve been selling some items on Facebook Marketplaces. Actually, I’ve sold a Macbook, camera, audio gear and many things that I no longer need. I’m definitely no ‘serial’ seller who consistently sells items on platforms like, Marketplaces or Carousel. But through my limited years of experience selling away things I no longer need on… Continue reading