How not to do SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of influencing the position of a website on the search results page when a searcher uses a query to search.

Every business with a website wants SEO. If people search for a product and finds their website, bingo! A sale is potentially made.

But with competition, doing SEO has become harder.

So SEO marketers started using cheap tactics to rank their websites.


A backlink is basically a reference link from another website, pointing to another website.

Here’s a backlink example:

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Backlinks make up the internet. Google takes a look at the links that websites references, and then use that to figure out which webpage should be shown first when people search for certain keywords.

That’s why when you link, don’t title your links as ‘Click Here’. Describe what the link will do for the user when they click on it.

And here is how not to do SEO: 


Above are comments made by a company on a blog post on LEAD’s website.

Why is this a bad way to do SEO?

  1. Using blog comments for backlinking is dead. (Links in comments are not observed as backlinks by Google.)
  2. The company posting the comments is obviously spamming a silly comment and entering their link, in hopes of getting views from visitors who read our blog post.

If you’re using the same tactics to do ‘SEO’.. stop.

Not only this strategy doesn’t work, but it is also a sure way of killing your brand and credibility.

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