Should I build a funnel?

You just paid for a $47 product.

Your browser refreshes and you’re ready to get the product. But wait!

A new page says you can buy an upgrade. The upgrade is worth $997 and you can get it at only $197, but only if you decide now.

You took the offer. Paid for the upgrade, return back to the page, yet to see another offer! This time the seller promise you’ll get the whole collection, worth $2997 for an extra $497 only.

That’s a typical sales funnel, typically used by businesses who sells info products – courses, ebooks, videos.

The funnel works, because it quickly turns strangers into prospects, and prospects into full ticket customers. It does this by moving people though a sales journey and leverages on their fear of missing out (FOMO).

The funnel also leverages people in the ‘buying mode’. Just like going to a restaurant for steak, and then ending up ordering a bottle of wine and dessert, just because you’re already there and you might as well. Restaurants know this and use it to their advantage by upselling you to their biggest profit maker – beverages!

Do you like being in a funnel?

If you don’t, then why build one for your customers?

Sure, it’s effective, but the best funnels are the invisible ones.

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