Do the hard things

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll feel better after doing hard things – the type of things that you don’t feel like doing. Doing a hard workout, waking up early, initiating a difficult discussion, finishing a difficult course, speaking on stage, breaking up from a toxic relationship. I had a difficult call with a business associate yesterday…. Continue reading

How to get hired

Prior to popular advice you find online like – “Use a Template!, put a picture!” The truth is hiring managers and bosses who hire want very different things. And their priority is definitely not looking for a resume with a nice template. I know, because I’ve hired and I’ve been hired before. Great hires don’t… Continue reading

Learn to write

Whether you’re selling something, conveying something, or influencing – you’re communicating. Marketing is a lot about communication. Digitally, we write to communicate. Ads = Write Landing pages = Write Sales copy = Write Email marketing = Write Video script = Write Content marketing = Write Social media = Write Blogs = Write Email outreach =… Continue reading

Best WordPress hosting

I’ve tried many hosting services through my years of digital marketing. Here are my one-liner thoughts about some of them. Hostgator – terrible support waiting time. Namecheap – Shared hosting is decent, adequate support time. But ridiculous limits on inodes.  Bluehost – Decent. Make sure to read the fine print for service charges. (E.g. Hosting… Continue reading