How To Make Money Selling Websites

Recession is coming (maybe). Maybe you’re worried. I am. But remember, the biggest opportunities are made during the bad times.

Over the last weekend, we ran a workshop to teach people how to build a website.


We did 2 sessions, and more than 20 people (with no tech background) built a website and put it up on the internet.

And right there – I saw an opportunity for all of them.

Go build websites for companies.

There are thousands of businesses that still don’t have a website. Traditional businesses, brick-and-mortar, solopreneurs, you name it! All of them desperately need to go online.

So just offer website building services to them, right?


That’s what the majority do. They approach businesses, offer a web building package, and hope those businesses buy.

Here’s the thing: Most businesses without a website probably didn’t see a big need to have one yet. If you show up at their door asking for an RM3,000 payment to build a site, they will close the door in your face!

But you’re smarter. You read Reuben’s blog. So here’s what to do instead.

Build first, then sell them the website.

You gotta give them the value first.

Step 1 – Identify businesses that need a website.

Think about some businesses you buy from. Or just look for them on Facebook or Instagram. Maybe it’s a restaurant, cafe, or printing shop. Do they have a website? No? Perfect.

Remember, all a business want is:

  • To get more revenue.
  • To reduce cost.

So if you’ve identified a business that can potentially get more revenue with a website, you’ve found a great prospect.

Step 2 – Build the site.

Build a one-page website. The idea here is to make it quick and keep it low-cost.

Sell it to the businesses at a low-entry price first, then upsell when they need more.

Build the site from scratch or use

Once you’re done with a one-page website, host it up for free on Netlify.

Step 3 – Reach out to the businesses and sell.

Reach out to the businesses you were targeting, Just DM them on Facebook, Instagram, email, or call them.

You can use this script: 

“Hi [business], big fan of your business. I wanted to help your business get more customers – and I built a website for it. Would you be interested to have it? I can publish it online today and begin driving customers to you.”

Then ask for payment.

What if people say no? 

You’re going to get rejected – and that’s OK.

What you want in a recession is momentum and to be proactive. If you approach 10 businesses, 8 of them might say no and 2 might say, yes.

I know this strategy might sound strange. But at its core, this is what entrepreneurship is about. Go solve a problem, but provide value first.

If you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment below with your thoughts. Would you try this strategy? Yes, no? Why not?

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