The information age is over

Before the information age, you go to a doctor for advice. The doctor has power because he holds information.

These days, people go to the doctor with a printout from the internet. They have become smarter than doctors. Some will even argue with the doctor!

Because information is so accessible today, the doctor has lost some of his power.

Today, power belongs to the one who can frame information.

Framing information.

The thing about the internet is you can find facts about almost anything.

If you want to find information about why drinking milk is bad (or good) for you – you’ll find it.

There’s also too much information these days. Endless streams of news. Can you read them all?

Fact: Approximately 90% of all media news is negative. That’s because physiologically, people are triggered by negative news than positive news. And clicks bring revenue.

That’s why I’m a fan of newsletters like The Coffee Break. So much, that I even did an interview with Aaron, the co-founder. See video below.

Coffee Break curates and summarizes the most important news into a daily 3-minute read. You can subscribe to The Coffee Break here.

Helpful links from the interview:

  • Substack – What Aaron use for The Coffee Break
  • Sendfox – I recommend this to start an affordable email newsletter.

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