Why ‘Netflix’ for Learning Wouldn’t Work

How many courses have you bought from Udemy, still sit there – untouched from years ago?

In just the past 12 months, I’ve bought many courses. Some of them on top of my mind are:

I’m supposed to be some kind of super-human right now with all that knowledge, right?


Out of the list above, one course that impacted me most was the Story Skills Workshop by Akimbo. I seriously recommend it.

Here’s the cert below – so you know I’m not bullshitting you.


Why ‘Netflix’ for learning doesn’t work.

The idea is instead of binge-watching Netflix, you binge-watch on learning. Sounds like a great idea.

Here’s why it doesn’t work.

Learning and leveling up happens when there is intent.

Just like learning to ride a bicycle, you don’t learn by spectating. You learn by doing it – with intent.

When you binge-watch Netflix, there’s no intent. It’s just something we do to take a break.

Learning requires participation.

This is why the Storytelling Workshop worked. Instead of watching video lessons, I had to do the work, even record a video and post it for everyone to see. Doing that forced me to practice – and more importantly, apply the lessons.

Think of the time when you visited a playground as a child. I’ll call you little Tommy. Did little Tommy stop to think if he’ll bump his head on the monkey bar or swing? No! Upon reaching the park, little Tommy ran full speed ahead, started climbing and swinging like it’s the last day of his life.

And that’s the problem with most adults. We have become afraid because of our injuries through the years. So we spectate and observe from afar until it’s safe, before we take action.

To learn – be like little Tommy.

At LEAD, we turned every course into a program, where students will be required to work – with intent.

In Data Science 360, students are required to work on real data analytics projects and post their work. In Growth Marketing 360, the marketing course I teach – students must apply marketing strategies and get new customers to progress.

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