10X your productivity with this hack (Guaranteed)

10X your productivity with this hack (Guaranteed)

Were you hoping to find a list of productivity tips or a top 5 productivity tools to use today – in a post by Reuben?


This blog is about getting things done. And I’m here to help you do more.

Increase your productivity this week (guaranteed method)

Step 1 – Install this browser extension, News Feed Eradicator. (Also available on Firefox & Safari)

Step 2 – That’s it. Whenever you decide to browse Facebook in the midst of working, you’ll see a quote instead. (See my image below)


Step 3 – Get back to work.

Step 4 – See your productivity seriously soar through the roof.

Ooh wuu wah, but Reuben, I’m going to miss out on things like important news!

Here’s the truth.

We are so used to scrolling Facebook mindlessly – that we begin to put our attention only on drama, breaking news, negativity and current-crisis.

Everyone has 24 hours of attention in a day.

What we, maybe need then, is to carefully invest our attention around the things that matter. When we break our habit of checking Facebook every 15 minutes – you’ll start to see with fresher eyes and appreciate things that has been around us all along.

And please don’t worry. If something is important enough, it’ll break through filters.

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