How to build trust

Trust grows as the rate of a coconut tree, and falls with the speed of a coconut.

We want people to trust us. But how do we get people to trust us?

“You’ll like the food, trust me!”

Only that trust is not built by shouting the statement.

A friend visited me in KL. “Where should we go for dinner?”, she asked.

Imagine being me.

Will you recommend what you would enjoy? Or would you recommend what you know she would enjoy?

And of course. You would have to ask to know what she wants. Well, what do you feel like eating? Are you OK with spicy food? Which type of cuisine?

Turns out, it’s simple to build trust.

Trust is built when we constantly put the interest of others above ours. Thinking about what the other person wants. Do it again and again. And trust is built.

“Oh, I can count on Reuben. His recommends me the best places to eat, every time I visit.”

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