Trust is better than attention

You may have been told (most probably by a marketer) that your business needs attention.

Getting attention is difficult.

Well, not really.

It’s actually not that hard to get attention. Here are some examples:

Here’s spider man selling Teh Ais:


Does that make you trust the seller better?

And it’s not uncommon to see marketers run video ads with weird props these days – dressing up as a feng shui master, shaving their hair on camera, or just plain shouting at you.

Just like running up to someone well-known and asking for a selfie, you would have found out that it isn’t that difficult. Run up to them, tap them on the shoulder, request a selfie and take it. You would have gotten 10 seconds of their attention.

What businesses can do better is to build trust. The kind of attention you want is not a “hi and bye” type of attention.

People buy from people they like and trust.

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