Renter vs Owner

Yesterday, near midnight – I was in bed, chatting with a friend on WhatsApp when my messages didn’t seem to send anymore.

Must be my internet, I thought.

I shrugged it off, turn over on my side to talk to my wife, then did a bit of reading before going to sleep.

Ding! Just before I closed my eyes, I received a message on Slack:

“Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram all gone down.”

The next day, I woke up to news and updates about how the social media giant went off-grid for a few hours. There were already hundreds of memes created – dissing Gen X and millennials.

The renter and owner.

What about people who fully built their business on social media?

Seems like a bad idea.

We’re renters on social media. – Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is a business. A monopoly. The landlord for many businesses.

Better to be an owner.

Like owning your own audience or your website, where people go to hear from you.

Just like me writing on this blog. It will always be mine. I will always have access to it.

BTW – there is no Facebook Pixel on this blog.

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