Always be building assets

Always be building assets

We’ve heard it over and over again

The rich buy assets. The poor buy liabilities that they think are assets.

What if you can build assets?

Back then, for a long time as a music producer I wondered for a way to bring in consistent revenue each month.

The music industry, after all is very unpredictable. Projects come and go.

In that search, I stumbled upon producing royalty free music. Here’s one of my top-selling music piece:


Here’s another sale notification I received in my email a few days ago – for a sale of another music piece.

A sale for a license to use my music.

A sale for a license to use my music.

Best thing about royalty free music?

You don’t actually sell music. You sell the ‘license’ for people to use them in their projects. Because it’s a digital product, there’s no limit to how many times people can buy licenses to use your music.

It dawned upon me. Musicians, creatives, businesses and creators – are asset builders.

As a music producer, you can build assets by:

  • Produce royalty free music.
  • Create music for film.
  • Create audio samples and loops.
  • Sell sound effects to the film industry.
  • Share your knowledge in a course and sell it.

If you’re a small business selling cookies, you can build assets by:

It’s your turn. What assets are you building?

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