How To Do Video Marketing

How To Do Video Marketing

You just hit the ‘REC’ or ‘Live’ button.

They look something like this:


Or this

And this

Is that it?


But what do you say?

Well, think about the value you bring with your video. Why should someone watch it?

Here are some starting points to start with:

  • Can your video entertain someone?
  • Can your video teach someone something new?
  • Can your video help someone solve a problem?
  • Does it tell a story? (Humans love stories)
  • Can your video enlighten someone?

Choose one of the above and just hit the button.

The videos you create for marketing does not have to be the best-looking videos. In fact, the best videos are usually the honest ones. The ones which are made without pretense and made-up things.

But here’s the scarier thing.

Most get nervous when it comes to hitting the button, myself included.

Afraid of creating a subpar video, producing a video no one cares about or revealing a weakness in themselves.

So instead of actually shooting a video to market themselves, they spend time searching on Google – finding tips, guides and ways to make an effective marketing video. Probably just like you – reading this post, hoping to find a video marketing tip from me. 😃

Here’s the truth for businesses – it’s scarier to be obscure (being unknown) than hitting that ‘Go live’ button.

Go hit that button.

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