8 Blog Posts to Get Lots of Traffic

Writing an article? Here is a list of blog post title types – that will help you get lots of visits.

I might add new post types and examples to this list. Make sure to bookmark this post.

Let’s get started.

1 – The List Post

  • 10 Dog Treats that Will Take Stress Away from Cooking
  • 7 Amazing Exercises to Lose 7KG
  • 5 Movies You Must Watch Right Now on Netflix

2 – The How To Post

  • How To Take Eye-Catching Photos with Any Smartphone
  • How to Get 20,000 Followers on Instagram

3 – The Guide Post

4 – The Case Study Post

5 – The Interview Post

  • We Interviewed 10 Top CEOs in Malaysia on Raising Funds
  • A KL Taxi Driver Shares a Strategy To Reduce Your Petrol Cost by 50%

6 – The Review Post

  • Apple Macbook M1 Reviewed – Can It Run Photoshop?
  • We Tried the Hottest Chilli in Malaysia
  • Review: Are Samsung Smart TVs Worth Buying?

7 – The FAQ Post

  • I’m a Pornstar. These Are The 8 Questions People Ask Me
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Having a Pet Dog
  • The Biggest Question Everyone Had After Watching Iron Man 4

8 – Personal Story Post

And despite these ‘formulas’, the best articles and things in life – aren’t things that came out of a formula.

Leonardo da Vinci didn’t draw the Monalisa based on a formula he picked up from books.

It’s your job to create art. However, if you like to, build a stronger fundamental for writing better headlines, get The Headline Kit. It’s a book and program, that I wrote last year which I’m really proud of. Use coupon code ‘1skillset‘ to get 35% off.


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