Who is Reuben Ch’ng?

I help companies grow their revenue – with marketing.

Head of marketing at LEAD. We help individuals & companies grow.

This site is about actionable marketing lessons to help business owners and entrepreneurs. I’ve succeeded and failed at many things, and here I write about them.

For my work on music production, you can read Audio Mentor. If you want to produce music, my YouTube videos will help.


Hello, my name is Reuben Ch’ng. I started my career as a musician, music producer then business owner when I started The Cat Studio. I started doing marketing for myself, learning through trial & error – before helping other businesses.

One of my earliest tactics to market my music school was to print and deliver flyers by hand. Over time, I began to do more advanced marketing.

When I was a music producer, I worked on various projects for brands like Ridsect and History Channel. Some of my work appeared in cinemas and broadcast.

In 2016, I joined MobileAds.com as a business development lead. Over a tenure of nearly 2 years, I helped the company secure 6-figure advertising campaigns with brands like Nandos, TNB Malaysia, and Proton, by knocking on doors. Those years built up my salesmanship.

Today, I mainly spend my time at Cat Insights, a digital marketing compan I set up to help companies grow revenue.

As a teacher I teach marketing courses at LEAD and have trained companies like MediaPrima Digital, Heineken and Capitaland. Also as head of marketing, I lead marketing for LEAD.