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Fall Of Penang is a documentary film produced for History Channel Asia. The project took over a year from planning, pre-production to post production.


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Mainly shot in Penang Island, my role in the production was to record audio onset, edit the audio tracks, dialogues in post production and to mix the audio & music for theĀ documentary film. This was a challenging project as I was working single-handed-ly. There were also some very interesting sound design work involved in the production, where I recorded some sound effects and mix them, reenacting scenes from the past as presented in the documentary.

Catch the full film on History Channel. Read about it on History Channel’s website:Ā http://www.historyasia.com/shows/1941-fall-penang-1

Below is the full documentary, found on YouTube. Note that these videos are owned by History Asia. I’m merely showing the video from an anonymous user who recorded the documentary when it was aired on TV.


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  1. Andy

    Hello Reuben! I’d like to ask if the documentary was produced and directed by a local? What are their names? I’ve tried to find some information about it online for my dissertation, but I to no avail.

    Thank you!


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