Selling on social media

I’ve been selling some items on Facebook Marketplaces.

Actually, I’ve sold a Macbook, camera, audio gear and many things that I no longer need.


I’m definitely no ‘serial’ seller who consistently sells items on platforms like, Marketplaces or Carousel.

But through my limited years of experience selling away things I no longer need on all these platforms – I find it the easiest to sell on Facebook Marketplaces.

People buy when there’s trust.

As a buyer shopping on most buy/sell platforms, how would you know if a seller can be trusted? Well, you see their ratings, stars and feedback.

And if you’re a new seller with no reviews or starts? You have no choice, but to earn them from scratch.

Then came along Facebook Marketplaces, a buy/sell platform built on top the social media platform – which changed the entire buyer’s journey.

Here’s a typical buyer’s journey on Facebook Marketplaces.

  1. They see an item they are interested in, up for sale.
  2. They click to look at the item, its price and re-read the description.
  3. They then click the seller’s Facebook profile, scans through it and silently judges his legitimacy. << Magic happens here.
  4. Next, they click to drop the seller a message and start negotiating.
  5. The sale happens.

Simplified. But what’s the magic?

The magic is that now, the buyer can see precisely who the seller is.

The buyer knows that the seller probably wouldn’t want to risk losing his reputation on social media, selling fraudulent items on Facebook Marketplaces. Thus the buyer trust the seller a little better.

Social media helped elevate trust between the buyer and seller.

But of course, not every buyer journey is the same.

Sometimes they take a bet.

  • By purchasing on impulse, because of a crazy offer.
  • Buying without doing due diligence on the seller.
  • Buying things hastily.

After all – how would you know? Every purchase your customer make is in fact a bet, in you.

Here’s the lesson – for selling on social media

Ultimately, people buy from people they like and trust.

The same is true for your business as well. You have a website, a business page on social media and a presence.

So the question is not: “What is the latest tactic to 10X my sales on social media?”

The better question to ask is: “How do I build more trust signals on social media?”


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