Embrace the label

“Hi, nice to meet you – my name is Reuben. I’m head of marketing at LEAD and I help individuals grow. What is your name”?

Oh hey, my name is  ____ and I am _____.

Labelling yourself.

How do you introduce yourself?

Forget the elevator pitch. What do you ‘label’ yourself as?

Whatever you said, that’s you – labelling yourself towards what you want people to know you as.

The other label.

I’m talking about the silent label we give ourselves. The internal monologue. The label nobody knows about.

Some examples (positive & negative). 

  • I’m a good driver.
  • I’m good at this game.
  • I’m a #hustler #grind #workhard
  • I’m someone who tend to get into accidents.
  • I’m a smoker. It’s going to be hard for someone like me, to quit.
  • I’m a loser.

Depending on what you label yourself as, it can either be good or bad.

Take the example of a fitness coach, Johny (fictional, of course):

Johny labels himself as a, well – someone who works out hard and has super discipline. One day he wakes up feeling under the weather. But because he labels himself as fitness coach, he can’t back down now, can he? What would his students think of him?

So he tells himself, “OK Johny, you suck it up. You’re a fitness coach. Do you want to appear as a hypocrite? OK, let’s head to the gym anyway..”

Because of the label Johny gives himself, he gets things done – even if he’s not feeling it.

I don’t have to tell you the opposite scenario – where a negative person, labelling himself negatively, can quickly spiral down into a vertigo of self-doubt and giving up with the slightest hint of resistance.

Embrace your label.

Reflecting back to myself. What does a ‘head of marketing’ do anyway? Oh, better do and act like one!

So the question is back on you. What label do you give yourself?

If it’s a positive one, embrace it.

I’m no self-help expert. But I teach growth marketing.

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