Going ‘Live’

Today we put together a live-streaming setup, combining a high-quality video and screencast that we’ve been wanting to – for months.

We got it right, today.

Our main equipments were:

Take a look at our recent live video (I shared about Processing Fluency) :

Everyone is now a broadcaster, but.

Why are you broadcasting? For attention?

For businesses, is it because attention brings you sales?

Yes, to some extent, attention does lead to sales. Well, mainly because now, people can see what you have to offer.

But don’t broadcast or go live just for the sake of doing it.

How many times have we participated in hour-long live sessions that could be summarised in 10 minutes?

And just like we’ve seen in Don’t F**k with Cats, where murderer Luka Magnotta broadcasted his act online, not everything should be broadcasted.

So, before your next live session, ask yourself – am I going to bring value to people when I hit ‘Go Live’?

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