Study Notes: Marketing questions when building a product/service

Much of marketing is understanding who your product is for and what changes it does for them.

What we can do is start by asking questions.

Here goes:

  1. What do you make?
  2. What is it called?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Who did you make it for?
  5. What problem do you solve for your audience?
  6. What problems do you create for the audience who are not your customers yet?
  7. How do you reach your intended audience?
  8. What do you promise your audience? (In return for usually their money)
  9. Who are the competitors?
  10. How do you separate yourself from competitors? “We provide good service” is not good enough. Good service/product is expected of all businesses. Be more specific.
  11. Why would customers buy from you?
  12. Will your customers miss you if you were gone, tomorrow?
  13. What the demographics of your audience?
  14. What is the psychographics of their audience market?
  15. When your friends introduce your business to someone. What do they say?
  16. Ask a friend who knows what you do. What would they say your business is for?
  17. What would you change to justify charging twice as much for your product/service?
  18. Write down a list of marketing tactics you have tried to reach new customers.
  19. What has worked? (Double down on that)
  20. What has not worked? (Is there a way to tweak an approach?)
  21. Write down the list of marketing assets that you own. (Email list, Facebook group, distribution arm, etc.)
  22. Are you a direct marketer or brand marketer?
  23. What change do you want to make in your customers?

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