Hiding behind webpages

Have you come across someone who spent an entire month creating a website, polishing the landing page, perfecting the placement of the payment buttons – and then didn’t generate any sales at the end?

Sometimes you don’t need the websites.

Just go and sell what you offer to people in your network.

Why not just… sell?

We spend time to build a website. Find all ways to increase conversions on it.

But when given a chance to sell directly to someone, we freeze. We don’t ask for them to buy on the phone. We tell them to visit our website.

I know.

Because we are afraid of being judged and getting rejected.

When we sell anonymously behind a faceless website and a bunch of Facebook ads – it’s okay. Nobody is rejecting you. There’s no accountability if the whole thing doesn’t work.

We’re hiding behind a webpage.

Everything in business is about asking.

  • Ask for the sale.
  • Ask your client what they want to do today?
  • Ask them to take a 6-months contract with you.

Don’t hide behind the webpage. Sometimes you don’t need it.

Just, ask.

I’ve just launched a 30-minutes video training on building effective landing pages. You will get 50 of the headlines I use. By the end, you will be equipped with the skills to grow your business.

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