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I’ve tried many hosting services through my years of digital marketing. Here are my one-liner thoughts about some of them.

  • Hostgator terrible support waiting time.
  • NamecheapShared hosting is decent, adequate support time. But ridiculous limits on inodes
  • BluehostDecent. Make sure to read the fine print for service charges. (E.g. Hosting transfer fees.)
  • Hostinger – beware of their ‘unlimited’ marketing. Not true.
  • Digital Ocean – you need a developer to help you set-up. Value for money.
  • ExabytesDecent. One reason I don’t host with Exabytes, is its slow support.
  • WP Engine – Pretty good for WordPress websites, but costly.

Why I made the decision to switch to WPX Hosting.

After all the time and money spent trying out different hosting companies – WPX hosting won me over. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who wants to start a serious WordPress website.

Before talking about WPX Hosting, let’s talk about typical hosting problems you’ll encounter.

Typical hosting problems: 

  1. Slow support. Some require you to submit tickets and to wait for a 24-hour response. If your site is down and costing your business – you don’t have 24 hours.
  2. Fake ‘Unlimited’ deals. Hosting companies tend to resort to promoting ‘unlimited’ websites/emails/storage/bandwidth/etc. – that turns out to be very LIMITED as soon as your website scales. Their excuse? Oh, you didn’t read the superfine print.
  3. Expensive & hassled migration. You excitedly sign up for a hosting plan, only to find you have to pay an extra $139 for them to migrate your website. Want to do it yourself? Well, here are some lengthy, technical articles to read.
  4. Slow, page loading times. Many hosting companies overload their servers to maximize profits. I once had a website hosted on Namecheap which got viral. Unfortunately, with the increased visits, the site keeps hitting a 503 (overload) error and annoyed people. visitors.

WPX Hosting solves all the problems above.

The biggest thing that won me over is their speed. It’s advertised that they have a 30-second support response speed. In truth, it’s much faster.

Whenever I had an issue, I never had to wait. Click on the chat, and in just 2-3 seconds, someone will be around to help. Try it for your own here.

Plus, this isn’t just for sales. Quite often you’ll find hosting companies with super fast chat for sales. But when it comes to support? Yep, you have to submit a ticket.

Also, the support agents at WPX Hosting are all some sort of WordPress/hosting ninjas. They know what they are doing. I once had a caching issue on my site and within 5 minutes, the support agent fixed it. You could also ask for advice (like asking for a plugin recommendation) and the support agent will help.

All in all, the user experience using WPX Hosting has been the best so far in my career. I’m really impressed. 

Switching to WPX Hosting

When I first signed up to WPX Hosting, I had a few sites that I desperately wanted to migrate – including a fairly big one, Most hosting companies wanted to charge me migrating fees.

WPX Hosting offers free migrations. And the best part is I don’t have to do anything. Not even install a plugin.

All I did was to pass some information (URL, WordPress logins, old hosting logins, etc.) to WPX Hosting through a migration request form. In the next 4-5 hours, I received an email saying the migration is done. I switch my DNS to WPX – and it’s done. A painless process.

I suspiciously checked my website, expecting to find broken links, images, and things like that. But all was perfect. The site barely had any downtime.

WPX Hosting also offers free SSL certificate installation which was just clicking one button. One!


Compared to how I was doing it on Namecheap, I had to separately purchase an SSL certificate and install it through Cpanel. On WPX Hosting, it took me a few seconds. I don’t even have to do any renewals. It’s all done for me.

Finally – the people at WPX Hosting will also optimize your website for free. Every customer gets one free optimization per site, done by their optimization team.

What’s bad about WPX Hosting?

This post isn’t meant to be a full review on WPX Hosting, as clearly I skipped out on many details. However, if you’re still reading, I’m sure you’ll wonder, what’s BAD about WPX Hosting then?

To be honest, it’s hard to find something bad about WPX Hosting. But if I had to say, it’ll be:

  • No single website plan. If you only want ONE website (no staging, etc.), WPX Hosting does not have a plan for a single website. The smallest plan is for 5 websites (which I’m on)cP
  • No cPanel. WPX Hosting has its own dashboard for you to manage your websites. It doesn’t use Cpanel – which you might be used to.

I’m really happy with WPX Hosting. My yearly plan just renewed over a week ago and I haven’t bumped into any annoying issues over the past year.

But now that we’re talking about hosting. A piece of advice I’d share is – you’ll never find a PERFECT hosting company. it comes down to choosing what feels right. And to me, WPX Hosting feels right for me.

At this time of writing, WPX Hosting is offering 75% off for the first 3 months on all monthly hosting plans. You can check that offer out here

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