Avoiding Spinners

Recently, I taught a class on affiliate marketing, where I went through the process of creating content. Until someone asked a question. “Why create content? AI and article spinners can do a better job than humans.”

What is an article spinner?

An article spinner is a software that churns out seemingly ‘new’ content from existing content, by replacing specific words, phrases, sentences. Either done automatically or manually – a user can ‘spin’ an article to produce slightly different articles.

Here’s an example:

The sly dog jumped over the wall, chasing after the rabbit.

Following a spin, becomes something like:

The cunning hound leaped over the stone structure, pursuing the hare.

Well, what’s the point of spinning content? For many marketers, it’s for the benefit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – an activity to influence the ranking of a website on the search engines for certain search queries.

Shouldn’t we allow the machines to work for us?

Maybe, if you’re in for a short-term gain.

Article spinning isn’t a technique to create new content. It only creates what looks new from existing content.

The result is thousands of low-quality articles and content – that serve to deceive the search engines and waste the time of readers by adding no new value.

We don’t need another blog paraphrasing content from another blog.

We need new and original ideas.

Stay away from spinners.

The websites you love spending time on are not the ones filled with spun, ‘AI-generated’ content. So why create a website made out of spun content for your readers? Or worse – submitting spun guest posts to other blogs.

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