The marketing funnel

A week ago, I became aware of an event I could bring my dog to. What attracted me was that there was going to be a walkaround vet.

I wanted a free check-up for my dog.

The event was simple. A few booths, an obstacle course for activities, some giveaways, a dog photo booth, and of course – the walkaround vet.

I’m talking about an event by Royal Canin.

3 days later, I found myself buying a bag of kibbles for my dog. Royal Canin’s marketing funnel worked on me.

Here’s how a marketing funnel work: 

  • First, design a way to create awareness.
  • Second, allow your prospects to sample a piece of your business.
  • Third, help them make a decision by creating an offer.
  • Fourth, continue delighting them – so they continue buying.

I figured I’d spend RM160 a month on kibbles. That’s a customer lifetime value (CLTV) of RM1,920 in a year.

Supposedly 500 dog owners visited the event and 20% converted. That’s a revenue of RM192,000 for Royal Canin.

Alas, most businesses choose shortcuts. They skip the marketing funnel.

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