21 Growth Marketing Tactics to Implement Now

21 Growth Marketing Tactics to Implement Now

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Why 21 tactics? Because I miss being 21 years old.

When I was 21 years old, all I did was talk about microphones and music production.

Let’s get started.

Growth marketing tactics your business can, and should apply – right now.

1 – Use your email signature for useful CTAs or promotions. Don’t put useless stuff like: ‘Save a tree, don’t print this’. Jeez, we know that already.

2 – Grow your YouTube followers by implementing a quick hack to your channel link. Put ?sub_confirmation=1 behind your channel link. When someone click on the link (dekstop-only) they’ll be prompt immediately to subscribe. Try mine here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD6MMR4yjgC6mzrMF_amkUQ?sub_confirmation=1

3 – Pricing hack. End your pricing with an odd number (7, 9) – RM199 for instance. Your customers associate the price to RM100 instead of RM200.

4 – Craft a good ‘About’ page on your website. It’s usually one of the most visited page on a website.

5 – Think like a ‘shout-caster’ when writing headlines.

  • Apple just came out with a fast computer – boring
  • Apple just launched an insane, super-fast computer – ok, much better

6 – Ask (and it’s given.) Whenever customers rejects you, and begin to walk away. Stop them and ask (like Sherlock), ‘Why didn’t you buy’? Your customers will most probably tell you the truth and you get another 50% chance of closing the sale. Do this with emails, if you run an E-commerce business.

7 – Place in re-marketing pixels in your website, even if you’re not re-marketing yet. Doing this early means you got more data when you’re ready to run re-marketing ads. Learn the best way to do this in Facebook Ad Dive and Growth Marketing 360

8 – If you’re doing cold email outreaching, use an auto-follow up system to automate the process. Rebump.cc is a good place to start.

9 – Ask for money. Use paypal.me or local favourite, billplz.com. And don’t worry about being able to only accept $$ only from people who have a Paypal account. If your customers really want your product, they’ll ask you for alternative ways to pay.

10 – Track where your website visitors came from in Google Analytics. Go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium and plot the data with a Goal or E-commerce completion. Spend your marketing budgets on the source that gave you conversions.


Learn how to find insights in Google Analytics in Google Analytics Primer & boost your revenue.

11 – Getting too many unqualified inquiries on your website or social media? Get your users to fill up a form and ask them for specifics, i.e. their budget, and company size. This filters out the non-serious ones – and you find out if they can spend or not.

Not good enough. Add project specifics; budget, company size, etc. Only the serious ones will submit.

12 –  Marketing starts by locating who your audience is and where they hang out. Search Facebook Groups and find groups of people discussing a niche you’re after. Join the group, add value and approach people there.


13 – RM0 marketing. Find a business with the same target audience you want. Strike a partnership deal with them and cross-promote.

14 – Content marketing growth hack – Write a content review or mention a brand that has followers you are targeting. Then reach out to them, and get them to share your content. See how I did it below: 


This growth tactic brought in so much traffic, that my blog crashed.

15 – Out of content ideas for your website? Interview someone popular or respected in your industry. Do a Zoom call interview. Use the interview as content. He/she would most probably share your content too.

16 – Want better conversions on your landing page? Remove your menu navigation. This drives your visitors to focus on the action you want them to take on your landing page.


Some of our landing pages at LEAD, are designed without menus – for a reason.

17 – Improve your website’s SEO ranking by creating content based on question people ask in your niche. You don’t even need keyword research tools for that. Just do a Google search.


18 – People post what they feel all the time on Twitter. Let’s say you are in the skincare business and your product helps ladies with acne breakouts. Go to Twitter, search for the keyword ‘breakout’, filter down the location and reach out to everyone who needs help there.


19 – Build a community and engage with your audience. At LEAD, we do this by creating LEAD Knowledge Circle on Facebook – where we discuss data science, tech, digital marketing and business.

20 – Build a massive audience list by doing a giveaway campaign.  Don’t give away your products/service (you’ll lower the perceived value of your products if you do), but find other general products that your audience will like. I use Kingsumo to do this.

21 – Be human. Your customers are your best salesmen, and will sell better than you can. Use email marketing to reach out to your existing and drop them something nice. For example, if you’re running an E-Commerce business, why not drop them a surprise $10 credit or freebie – for no reason? If they love it, they will tell people about it – and your brand spreads.

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