You’re in control.

I usually get emails from prospects asking if joining a course will help them get a job.

What a question.

Like asking if buying a pair of shoes will make me runner – no.

A tweet by Naval makes a good reminder:

  • Doctors won’t make you healthy.
  • Fitness coaches won’t make you fit.
  • Gurus won’t make you money.
  • Teachers won’t make you smarter.
  • Courses won’t make you get a great job.

You do.

Ultimately – it comes down to taking responsibility.

You’re in the captain’s seat. In control.

If you want a job – look at improving skillsets that would bring value to a company. A course or program might just be the catalyst to help you sharpen those skillsets. But it’s up to you to get better.

And if you want to start a business, get to work.

I recently started a case study to build a RM1000 side-business. You can see the case study here:

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