Why do people still litter?


7.674 billion people in the world (in 2019).

A woman in Syria worries about where to get food for her children tomorrow. A man in a Delhi hospital mustered all his strength for one last breath. A young executive in Kuala Lumpur wondered if he could start his own business if the company he worked at were to shut down.

These people have bigger problems in front of them, before thinking about sustainability and conservation.

7 billion people – all with their own set of problems.

The truth is people spend more time thinking about themselves.

It’s easy for us to point at them and judge them at their incompetencies. Why is it so hard for them to do this? Why is that group of people throwing their cigarette butts on the ground?

I don’t have a solution (if you’re hoping to find one from me).

Maybe the solution is to lead by example. Maybe we can be a little more patient, more human, kinder, and gentler – knowing that there’s some good in everyone, and we stand a chance to help them see it.

Quoting Mary Wollstonecraft, “No man chooses evil because it is evil; He only mistakes it for happiness, the good He seeks.”

2 Comments Why do people still litter?

  1. Kelvin Lim

    Convenience factor driven by instinct supported by habit. An extra second taken to reflect the implications of our actions on the bigger picture would help.


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