You get to do it.

The ability to reframe your mindset towards doing things is pretty powerful.

Ahh shit, I have to finish my homework. Damn, the client is asking for ANOTHER design change, I have to do it. Sigh, I have to work out again today.

When we start saying ‘I have to’, it’s when we are taking being able to do things for granted.

When I fell sick a week ago, I couldn’t work very long before getting a headache. I wasn’t able to record videos, because I’ll be coughing every minute. I quickly realized how I was taking it for granted when I was well and healthy.

So, reframe it.

Instead of saying you ‘have’ to do it. Say, ‘Hey, I get to do this!’

I get to help my clients. I get to add value to the company I’m working for. I get to cook for my wife. I get to drive the kids to school.

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