You don’t need more information

Like many people, I’m part of many Whatsapp groups. This morning, in a group filled with mostly high schoolmates, a friend asked if anyone knew what a high CT value meant. Someone close to him contracted COVID-19, and her PCR test returned a high CT value.

The group returned a few answers. And then just minutes later, the same person who asked, texted the answer for a high CT value, after searching for it online:


In the digital age, we no longer have a lack of information. A quick 5 seconds Google search will return you with anything you need to know. Whether it’s learning to code, investing in cryptocurrencies, or finding out about a company – you can find almost any piece of information you need online.

But if we can find anything online these days, including lessons on building a business, then why do people still fail at business?

In an age of readily available information, what’s valuable is the ability to think.

The value of university or a course is not learning more information – but the training of the mind to think.

Consider these:

  • Better to be a software developer who can solve complex problems, than one who can memorize 5 coding languages.
  • Better to be an entrepreneur who can execute marketing campaigns, than one who is stuck at planning.
  • Better to be a designer who can create designs that move people, than one who knows every shortcut in Photoshop.
  • Better to be a writer who can write impactful stories, than one who knows every English grammar rule.

More importantly, you need to take action.

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