Free marketing doesn’t exist.

This post comes from seeing too many ads that goats you to do free marketing with videos and organic posts. (And yet they buy ads to tell you that message).

But this is something you must know:

Free marketing does not exist.

When people say they only do free marketing – what they are really saying is that they don’t spend money on paid advertising; Google Ads, Facebook Adds, programmatic ads, billboards, etc.

All marketing comes with a cost.

Posting content on Facebook may seem like it’s free – but behind it goes the time, effort and not to mention the cost to create the content.

Posting videos on YouTube may cost nothing – but behind it goes the cost of the camera, microphone, the time/effort to script, act and shoot a video.

So marketing is not actually free.

In fact, most marketing activities involve spending your biggest asset – time.

So businesses began to ‘buy back time’ by outsourcing and automating certain marketing work. No wonder there exist so many marketing agencies and freelancers.

And if you’re a marketing agency/freelancer, know that you’re not in the marketing business. You’re in the business of giving back time to your clients.

I teach businesses digital marketing, not so they should do 100% of it themselves. But so that they can build a strategy for their business, and outsource the tasks. Enrolment to the digital marketing course (end-May) is now open. See you inside.

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