How to get hired

Prior to popular advice you find online like – “Use a Template!, put a picture!”

The truth is hiring managers and bosses who hire want very different things. And their priority is definitely not looking for a resume with a nice template.

I know, because I’ve hired and I’ve been hired before.

Great hires don’t have resumes.

In 2016, I took up a full-time business marketing role in a tech company. I was still working on my businesses on the side and took the role up because I wanted the experience.

I blurred off my asking pay in the image. Well, you know…privacy. 🙂

But here’s the thing.

I didn’t even have or submitted a resume.

The CEO of the company reached out to me, I did some work for him, and after some casual chatting, I joined the company after his many persuasive convincing. (see image above)

I ended up opening doors to several 6-figure clients for the company during my time. Sure, I’m probably not the best marketer in the world, but I believe I was a valuable hire for the company.

Average hires have a resume. Great ones are sought-after.

Here’s what a suggest. Instead of a resume, what about:

  • Having a blog (like this one) or website where potential hirers can see and touch your work.
  • Having a reputation in the market that precedes you.
  • Having powerful recommendations from high-ranking people you’ve helped.

This might sound like contradicting advice.

But think about non-average people. When Steve Jobs hired Tim Cook, did you think he asked for Tim’s resume and evaluated his value by what he saw on the resume?

OK, but I still need a resume.

It would be impractical if I asked everyone to ditch the resume. At most companies, the hiring managers request it.

So if you’re just starting out, you probably still need a resume.

What I’m merely pointing out (hopefully) is that great hires are usually hired without a resume. And you should work hard to get to that point.

So go build your own website, build up your reputation, help more people. The next time you apply for a job, you won’t be just sending in a resume like everyone else.

At LEAD, we help people become job-ready data scientists. What we learnt about getting a job as a data scientist – is showing recruiters how you fit into the overall success of the company matters more, compared to showing them a nice certificate.

I explain in the video below:

Join us in the masterclass here.

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