You spent lots of time recording, arranging and mixing your tracks. It sounds great. However the final part to make your masterpiece really stand out is the mastering process.

This is where I can help by digitally mastering your music.

Mastering Services

I offer online mastering services through my website. Listen to some of the samples below and decide for yourself if you’d like me to work on your track, mastering them to perfection.

Mastering isn’t about just making your tracks loud. It is the process of making your track sound remarkable on different playback devices and avenues with careful effects processing.

Listen to the samples below and if you like what you’re hearing, hit the order button below and I’ll be working on your tracks.

What You’ll Get

  • Careful EQ-ing and passive EQ treatment
  • Multiband compression and audio leveling
  • Harmonic exciters and harmonics treatment
  • Stereo enhancement & mid-side processing
  • Reverb effect treatment for more roundness in your track
  • Loudness maximizing to commercial levels

Get Your Tracks Mastered Now

Simply hit order below,  choose your package & submit your tracks (make sure to leave some headroom for me to work on). I’ll return with your mastered track within 3 days. Please drop me an email at of use the contact form if you have any questions.

 Master Your Tracks Now

Sample Mastered Tracks

Below are some tracks from past clients which have gone through my mastering. The first 30 seconds of each track is the original mix and after a brief silence the next 30 seconds of each track is version after the mastering.

Listen to them carefully on headphones or your monitors. If you like what you’re hearing, allow me to get to work on your tracks.


 Order Now & Get Your Tracks Mastered