You learn by creating, not consuming.

We all learn things not by consuming, but by creating.

I’ll give you an example.

One sport that I enjoy is CrossFit. I’m not by any means a pro-CrossFit athlete, but I think I enjoy how every routine is always different every time I go back for a workout.

Now as someone doing CrossFit workouts – you need to learn how to do olympic lifting. Here’s how a ‘snatch‘ looks like:

Watch the GIF above a hundred times. Now, can you perform a snatch?

Of course not. You can learn to a certain degree by consuming content but to truly learn it, you’ll have to actually do (create) it. And then by repetition, you can perhaps master it.

If you like the art of learning better, I recommend checking out Jim Kwik’s podcasts on learning. Why? Because he explains learning in a very easy to understand way, many other people don’t.

And if you like to learn digital marketing through practical lessons, check out Digital Marketing 360 – where I’ll be teaching.

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