How I made USD31,398,100 online

How I made USD31,398,100 online

Speak about a Clickbait. Hello and welcome to my blog.

And the truth is, you could do it too! Just watch the video below:

Not everybody does this of course. But how many times have you seen people screenshot their payments online – and then say they can teach you the same?

All I’m saying is.

To be careful online.

With a little knowledge of using Chrome’s development ‘Inspect’ tool, anyone could stage previews like this and fool people.

Those who understand web development probably know this on the back of their hand. Pfft, easy!

But I’m writing this for people who have not done any sort of web development or debugging before.

Speaking of web development, you probably should pick up some web development knowledge. At least understand it, if you’re going to be working in a digital world.

Full Stack Dash online, an online instructor-led class on web development starts on 5th May. Hope to see you there.

And this post was originally inspired by a friend, Nathan of Smashing Advantage – a master in WordPress web development.

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