Make Driving Time Learning Time

Make Driving Time Learning Time

People got the Monday blues, I had the Monday jam.

Being stuck in a traffic jam is something I really dislike. Who actually enjoys being in jams anyway? Let me know if you enjoy being stuck in traffic jams. Even if you’re someone who dreads going to work and look to waste as much time as possible being outdoors, you’ll still hate the jam.

Music gets repetitive on the radio and then there are all sorts of sketches they put up on radio, trying to make you smile. No good, right?

Make Driving Time Your Learning Time

Being on the roads is a waste of time, so instead of wasting your life away, I suggest you to listen to an audiobook. I buy all my books from Audible and have been a loyal subscriber of Audible for nearly 2 years now.

Alright how do they work?

You have a smartphone with you right? Do yourself a favor and download the Audible App from the App Store or Google’s PlayStore.

Try audible for yourself now

I recommend getting the app because it ‘remembers’ & syncs where you left when you turn the app off. That means, you could be listening to a book halfway while you’re driving, go to work and continue where you last stopped listening on your desktop computer.

Next make sure you have a pair of earphones with you all the time. There were many times I was stuck in a traffic jam without my earphones. The speakers on my smartphone were too soft so it didn’t do much good.

Being a forgetful person, I eventually installed an AUX in to my car’s speaker system allowing me to plug in a headphone cable into my smartphone. Most car players should be able to do this, I strongly suggest you to do so.

Listen To High Energy Books

I listen to business & self-help audiobooks to constantly improve myself in what I do. That doesn’t mean you can’t listen to other types of books though.

But whichever audiobooks you choose, try listening to books with high-energy. I must warn you that not all audio books are the same. I prefer buying audio books which are read by the author himself or herself, because when authors read their own books, they usually are more engaging.

You don’t want to be falling asleep listening to a boring narrator while driving.

So listen to energetic books that pumps you up while you go through those dreaded traffic jams.

Some Books To Start Off With

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Start With Why

This is my all time favourite. I first listened to an audiobook version of Start With Why by Simon Sinek and immediately fell in love with the book. I then purchase a physical copy of the book.

In the book, Simon speaks about the ‘Why’ you do ‘what’ you do. Why are you doing what you are doing now? Why are you running your business? People have no problems describing what they do and how they do it, but often have difficulties in explaining why they do it.

The book has changed my thoughts to the things I do and in a way changed my life.


Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone (Highly energetic and highly recommended!)

Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone (Highly energetic and highly recommended!)

Sell Or Be Sold

If you don’t sell, someone is going to sell you. Over 8 hours of the author Grant Cardone, screaming into your ears and getting you get up and get to work, ‘Sell or be Sold’ is a motivational book plus sales training helpbook. Sales and business people would find this audiobook remarkable and it’ll definitely bring the spirits up when you’re in a traffic jam.

You don’t only sell in business though. Do you have a partner? If you do, you realize that you have to constantly sell yourself to him or her. And when he or she is sold, they become your lifelong partner. Grant also talks about how he made his biggest sale, his wife.

An interesting read and definitely is one of the best sales training audiobook out there.


Get the two books I recommended for free on Audible:



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