Can We Actually Like Ads?

Can We Actually Like Ads?

The digital landscape today is filled with ads.

Log on to your favourite social media platform, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube. Ads are everywhere.

Through the years, they quickly became annoying and we started getting smarter. We install ad blockers to get less of ads that irritate us.

But can we actually like ads?

I believe the answer is yes.

Sure, you’ll hate those ads that jump right into your screen when you’re deeply engrossed playing your favourite game on your mobile phone.

But what if ads were cleverly timed, placed and actually resonate with you? What if marketers take the extra time & effort, to serve better ads?

Pretend you are someone who loves eating burgers. It’s a lovely evening after a good football game with your friends. As you ride the train back home, you browse Facebook on your phone to see what your friends are up to. Suddenly, you see an ad that says you can have your favourite BurgerKing’s burger at only half its original price. And you can order it right now, from your phone – the delivery would just be in time as you reach home for dinner – or you’ll get your money back.

Oh, it comes with your favourite soft drink too. 

Would you have welcomed and liked that ad? I bet it’ll be a yes.

What marketers should do when deploying ads

I was taught to always think about the WIIFM – What’s In It For Me when creating ads.

This speaks for every ad, beyond online ads. Billboards, TV, radio or newspaper.

Why should the targeted individual, even care about your ad? 

  • Can he/she learn something from your ad?
  • Can he/she find your ad entertaining?
  • Can he/she get a good deal from your ad?
  • Can the ad enlighten him/her?
  • Can the ad tell something he/she never knew?

After all, great products and services deserve the right to be discovered.

Once we find out what our ad can do for the receiving party, then you’ll see better results from your campaign.

And perhaps, we can begin to like ads again.

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