The Glow – Shannon Saunders (Instrumental) Download

The Glow – Shannon Saunders (Instrumental) Download

Quick post.

I had singers pestering me to look or create a karaoke version of The Glow by Shannon Saunders, seen in Disney.

So, some quick searching online led me to find that there are no ready karaoke or instrumental versions online. Back to square one then, I’ve to edit the original music as the singer needed the music quick. No choice I thought.

Here’s the instrumental version. You can download it off below. Just make sure to give my post a like, share and tell people nice things about me. šŸ˜€



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The Glow – Shannon Saunders (Instrumental) Audio MentorĀ << Right Click & Save




How I Removed TheĀ Vocals

If you like to learn how to remove vocals from music, read on.

It was pretty simple to slightly remove the vocals of the music with a phasing technique. You can do this in almost any audio editor and I’ve shown this with a YouTube video. It’s strange though that some people are simply too lazy to try this vocal remove technique correctly before flaming the tutorial video.

Anyway I know you aren’t, so for the spirit of learning, removing vocals from music and bootlegging, here’s the tutorial video:

Hope that helps. I must leave now before Disney sues me.

Leave your comments and questions below. Thanks!

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