Music FAQs

[heading size=]What is Royalty Free Music?[/heading]

Royalty Free Music refers to music that has a a single or one time licensing fee. Upon purchasing a license for the music (after the music has been bought), it can be used a single or multiple times. Since it has no other license payments such as royalties or artists buyouts, it is classified as ‘Royalty Free Music’ or ‘Stock Music Library’.

In the past, production music has to be licensed (paid) each time it is aired on radio or broadcast. This makes music expensive and time consuming.
Royalty Free Music is a new way to make music available in your production cheaper, easier and faster.

[heading size= style=alt]Who Purchases Royalty Free Music?[/heading]

Royalty Free Music targets a different audience. Royalty Free Music is a workaround for most production companies in TV, Film, Animations, Radio & more. Royalty Free Music are often composed to work with multimedia projects like those mentioned or even in digital games itself. Browse through different moods, genres and styles of music to fit an exact criteria of most music production needs. Even youtube filmmakers are buying royalty free music for their videos.

[heading size= style=alt]Royalty Free Music VS Commercial Music[/heading]

There is a difference between both types of music. Some production companies or TV stations like using commercial music (those you hear on radios) on their projects and commercials. This however, can be very expensive and of a hassle. Royalty and copyright fees must be paid to the copyrighters or artists of the particular music going through loads of organizations and admin work. The fee for having a commercial music is very expensive.

It’s wise to use royalty free music for your projects to avoid future copyright issues and the removal of music from films and multimedia projects. Royalty free music allows users to use a piece of music that suits their production and is as the same quality as commercial music but without the hassle of the copyrighting.

[heading size= style=alt]Whats That Watermark in Your Music?[/heading]

I get this question a lot! The annoying background voice you hear on my music tracks is an audio watermark of ‘AudioJungle‘. Created by Audiojungle, this audio watermark is required by me, and author of Audiojungle to sell music on their website. This watermark is required in for songs I have up as a sample. This also protects the music against illegal downloading and use.
After purchasing the track at a affordable rate, a wav & mp3 file will be given together with the license to have these music in your projects.

Let’s be open. The world we’re living in today has loads of honest people but also filled with people who looks for ways to get music for free. As an author I have to protect my works while allowing myself to continue producing works for buyers!

As a composer and producer, pirated music and illegal downloads are enough to kill your efforts and creativity. Think about equipments, software cost, studios, living expenses and bills – it becomes impossible to sustain and continue producing quality works when people don’t pay for music. It’s an unfortunate situation. But we have protect ourselves to continue giving the best too!

[heading size= style=alt]And What is Audiojungle?[/heading]

Audiojungle is a growing marketplace for world class royalty free music, sound effects, loops and content. It packs a huge library where you are free to browse and prices only range from $1 to $14 for single sound effects to full length songs. Audiojungle has over 500,000 music items for your to browse from and is mentioned in New York Times as the top royalty free music website!

I’m a proud author of Audiojungle since a a couple of months back and I found that Audiojungle isn’t just any buying and selling sites. It has also become a community where authors and buyers meet and share to form a lasting relationship and trust.

Feel free to browse my music & sound effects portfolio on Audiojungle for your project needs, whether you’re a producer, film maker or business owner. Audiojungle should have the content you’re looking for.

Looking forward to be an author on audiojungle as well? Anytime you need help on that be sure to contact me!