Midi to USB Cable – Does it Really Work?

Midi to USB Cable – Does it Really Work?

The question came into me. Will a Midi to USB cable adapter be any good? Also they don’t come too cheap! of course you can buy something cheap off Amazon or ebay but the bottom line is these adapters do not come cheap. Searching around for reviews I’ve came to a conclusion that yes the Midi to USB cable has worked for many but also did not for a handful of people as well. I noticed one thing though. Majority of people using the Midi to USB cable are not industry professionals, more rather towards the home enthusiast and musicians. So what did I find out?

Midi to USB Cable. Used to connect your old midi keyboards to your computer to control your software. Does it really work? Will I recommend using it to make music on your DAW?I received an inquiry on Music Shop from a client who wanted to buy a Midi to USB cable to connect his midi keyboard which only have midi in and out to his computer. Basically he wanted to use his keyboard as a midi controller to control his DAW like logic pro 9.

Latency. This is one issue that many home musicians are not aware off. Using a midi to usb cable adapter might not be a choice if it introduces a whole lump or latency. Latency is the time of transfer between you pressing a key on your keyboard and that data being registered in your software. Imagine hitting a key on the keyboard and then hearing your note sound a second later. That is bad latency issue you’re having! Why does this happen you ask? If you’re aware, most midi to usb cables are only usb 1.1 which is slow compared to 2.0! Now we even have 3.0! Do you still want to invest in a cable that only supports 1.1? Also a midi to usb cable might have this issue as your keyboard might not be optimized for latency free hooking up.

Midi to USB cables can be short! Look at the Yamaha UX-18. If you read the descriptions you might find that it comes with a rather short cable! Imagine having your keyboard to hug your pc or laptop when you’re trying to make music or play into your software. Hard isn’t it? Suddenly I start to appreciate my midi controllers with 2.0 USB to USB connections in my studio. Something I like is the M-Audio Keyrig 49 proves to be worth for money! If you want more, go for the M-Audio Oxygen series! I prefer to make music right away and not be stopped by technical break downs. TRUE STORY!

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